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TEL: 0086 512 56868028
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E-mail: admin@links-machine.com 
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Global competition is fierce nowadays and more and more customers begin to realize the importance of establishing their own production lines in the local area. When Botswana customers came to our factory and saw our products, they felt quite satisfied with us.



What Is 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine?

Fully automatic 5 gallon water filling machine produced by our company. This machine is a fully automatic filling equipment integrating cleaning, cleaning, filling and glanding. The output per hour is 60~100 barrels. Adapt to 5 gallons and 3 gallon barrels.



LINKS Juice Filling Equipment Was Shipped to Taiwan

The juice filling equipment for Taiwan shipped in August. It includes a set of bottle unscrambler system and cap loading system. This equipment is customized by Taiwanese customers and uses Taiwanese technology and special craftsmanship. Links Machinery can manufacture beverage filling equipment tha



Installation of Water Factory in Saudi Arabia

Our plan to install a water factory in Saudi Arabia has been running smoothly and quickly. Recently, Links Machine Company sales Mr.Tom Huang has arrived in Saudi Arabia. This trip is mainly for the final preparation of our company's upcoming water factory in Saudi Arabia.



The Principle That The Beverage Filling Machine Needs To Adhere During Operation

In the 21st century, there are many new businesses introduced which are proving to be very successful. One of them is beverage selling business. Bottled beverages are very popular in the young generation, and companies are introducing new flavors every month.


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