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Take you to see the bottled automatic three-in-one filling machine

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The automatic bottled water filling machine is a highly efficient automatic liquid packaging equipment, which integrates the functions of washing, filling and sealing.

Technical features:

1) Adopt rotary intermittent spray washing, transfer from the bottle in, clamp the bottle on the shelf, turn the bottle upside down, spray in the bottle synchronously until the drained bottle enters the filling;

2) The unique bottle clamping mouth is used for normal pressure filling to ensure the accurate sealing between the bottle mouth and the filling valve mouth, and to eliminate the liquid leakage phenomenon caused by the non round bottle or the slant of the bottle body and the thin bottle wall during the filling of the original bottle bottom;

3) The whole process from bottle entry to packaging is controlled automatically by PLC;

4) The cover head is screwed with magnetic clutch, and the torque can be adjusted to ensure the quality of the cover;

5) All parts in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel (SUS304), which meets the requirements of food hygiene.

Flushing device:

1) The bottle clamping head and bracket are made of SUS304 precision cast stainless steel;

2) The rotation of the clamp is controlled by a transformation device arranged at the nozzle under the bottle mouth.


Filling device:

All stainless steel structure: the filling valve is made of SUS304, and there is a guide ring in the filling valve to avoid friction; O-type silica gel sealing ring has the advantages of no bottle filling, good sealing performance, fast filling speed, accurate liquid level, etc. The finished product storage tank is SUS304 stainless steel tank with automatic level control.

Capping machine device:

1) Adopt the advanced pick-place magnetic force adjusting torque form, the screw cap can be adjusted, and equipped with a height adjuster suitable for the sealing of various caps.


Drive system:

1) In the way of centralized transmission, a main motor drives the worm gear reducer to drive the bottle washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, intermediate shift wheel and other coordinated operation.

2) Domestic high-quality motor, frequency converter control.

3) It adopts the reducer big gear direct drive, runs stably, does not misplace, and is easy to maintain and repair.


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Zhangjiagang Links Machinery is a china automatic water bottling machine manufacturer which has 15 years professional experience in the production of filling machinery and equipments.


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