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With the escalation of consumption, consumers are pursuing healthier drinking beverages, fruit juices, bottled (canned) water, tea drinks, etc., quickly occupying the market share of carbonated beverages. The beverage market is developing in the direction of diversification, multi-category and personalized customization.



LINKS New Official Website is Going to be Published

LINKS is currently revising the official website. A long time ago, we have begun to design and develop cooperation with the Internet to rebuild the official website. The new official website will change the traditional style and will become fresh, beautiful and diverse.



Notice of Work Resumption - Links Machinery

During the Chinese Spring Festival, China experienced corona virus, in order to respond government’s summons, our company have delayed returning to work. However, the epidemic is easing recently, most companies has already restarted normal work and production.



Key Factors to Improve Bottled Water Production Efficiency

Bottled water has become an indispensable demand for people, and the market capacity cannot be underestimated. Therefore, bottled water processing enterprises need to continuously improve the efficiency and capacity of production lines to meet the growing market demand for bottled water.



Holiday Announcement of 2020 Spring Festival

Dear Valued Clients and Partners, Chinese New Year is coming soon, we wish you peace and love in the new year. In modern times, the Chinese New Year is scheduled to be on the first day of the first lunar month.

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