4000BPH 0.1-2L 4-Cavity Automatic Bottle Blow Moulding Machine  4000BPH 0.1-2L 4-Cavity Automatic Bottle Blow Moulding Machine

Automatic bottle blowing molding machine is suitable for producing PET plastic contains and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce water bottles, carbonated bottles, oil bottles and etc.
•Stable performance with advanced PLC, and operate the whole machine with human-machine interface touch screen, which make the operation and adjustment easy.
•Heating temperature and blowing time etc technology parameters are corresponding set according to customer’s different preform and bottle shape.
•Equip with automatic preform unscrambler and preform elevator.
•Low cost, high efficiency, easy maintenance, with automatic technological process.

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  • Model: LK-4000
  • Brand: LINKS
  • Code: 8477401000
  • Product Description
4000BPH 0.1-2L 4-Cavity Automatic Bottle Blow Moulding Machine

Features Advantage
Linear construction Stable reliable production with high speed
Blow mould Light weight, fast speed production with high efficiency
With good cooling effect
Precise temperature control ,evenly blowed, lowest defect rate
Blow moulds changeable in one blow moulding machine
With preform-autoloaded machine
Computer with touchscreen
Directly link to filling machine automatically
Reliable quality Imported spare parts such as Mitsubishi Plc,Festo cylinder
Strong steel construction
Assembling according CAD design
Aftersale service Customer inspection before delivery
Machine delivered with necessary spare parts
Technical engineer starting machine in buy’s country
Quality garantee for one year
Energy saving

Model Unit LK-4000L
Clamping System Number of cavity cavities 4
calmping unit KG 48000
mold stroke mm 130
stretch stroke mm 340
Bottom stroke mm 30
Cavity pitch mm 120
heating pitch mm 55
Number of holder PCS 114
Max.container volume ltr 1.5
Max. neck diameter mm 53
Max.prefrom height mm 140
Max.container diameter mm 110
Max.container height mm 340
theoretical output B.P.H 4000
Electrical System
heating oven UNITS  4*12
Number of lamp pcs 48
heating power KW 57.6
installed power KW 65
voltage Voltage 220v/380V/3phase
Air System operating pressure kg/cm2 7
blowing pressure mpa 3.5
high pressure air consuming L/min 4200
power KW 44

Chiller System
temperature °C 10-15
pressure Mpa 0.3-0.5
flow rate L/min 80
heating power HP 5
 Machine machine dimension M 3.6*2.2*2.2
machine weight KG 5000

Components Brand,Origin
PLC controller Delta, Taiwan
Touch screen Wenview, Taiwan
Cylinder SMC, Japan
Filter TPC, Korea
Magnet valve TPC, Korea
Photoelectric switch OMRON,Japan
Contactor Schneider,France
Proximity switch SICK ,German
Sensor OMRON,Japan
Switch power MEANWELL,Taiwan
Frequency converter Mitsubishi,Japan
Main Servo motor Mitsubishi 1.5kw,JAPAN
Feeding Servo Motor Mitsubishi 0.4kw,JAPAN
oil valve Li Shile
Clamping Hydraulic clamping
Seal Pipe fixed

1) Can your factory provide the whole plant from A to Z?
A: Yes, we can provide the complete plant, from bottling making plant, water purification plant, to filling packing plant. 
2) How can I know the machinery quality before I order? 
A: Frist, we will invite you visiting our factory to check the machines quality, and show the machines running for you in our factory. 
3)What certificates you can provide?
A: Our factory provide the CE, SGS, ISO, and accroding to some countries, we also can provide the Pvoc, Coc, Soncap...ect 
4)Can your factory make the bottle drawing, workshop layout, and labels for us? 
A: We can help customers design their own bottle shape, workshop layout and label drawings, these jobs are free charge. 
(Workshop need customer to provide the size of factory) 
5)Installation and Training Time
A: We have professional engineer for oversea installaion and training, they can speak English, and have much experience oversea work.
Customer needs to provide the engineer visa, air tickets, sleep room and meals. Each day salary is 80usd, around 20-40days.
6) Warranty time:
We provide the 18 months as our machinery parts warranty time, and electric parts warranty time is 12 month.