Daily Chemical Products Filling Line


Chemical liquid mainly includes: Laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, alcohol liquid…etc.
Our filling line suitable for different kinds containers, like PET/HDPE Bottle, metal container, glass containers, Normally we adopt mechanical valve filling & piston servo type or electronic valve filling, according to customers’ special requirements.
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  • adopts famous brand electric and air pneumatic elements
  • adopts servo motor with high precision filling measurement
  • Adopt quick joint, easy and fast to clean
  • Adopts submersible filling type, to prevent dripping leakage.
  • Can adjust the machine parts to suitable for different size bottle. (50ml – 1L, 1L-5L, 5-10L, 10-20L),
  • All parts adopt SUS304/SUS316L
  • With filling memory function, it is more convenient to change bottles of different capacity


PET/HDPE Bottle Blow Molding Machine
HDPE Hollow Extrusion Bottle Blowing Machine: this machine widely use for chemical liquid bottles, like oil bottle, shampoo bottle, washing liquid bottle…
PET Semi-auto bottle blower: need workers to operate on the machine, speed slow, small investment.
PET Auto bottle blower: automatic operation, high level of automation, suitable for middle and high speed production plant.
Bottle Labeling Machine
Normally has 3 type labels:
* Sleeve Label Shrink Machine: Most for PVC and PET material.
* Hot Melt Labeling Machine: For OPP material
* Adhesive Labeling Machine: For plastic/paper material
Bottle Packing Machine
Normally has 3 types packing way:
● PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine: use PE Film as material.
● Half Tray Shrink Packing Machine: use half tray and PE film as material.
● Caron Packing Machine: use carton as material
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For Customers
Our packaging equipment covers the field of beverages, alcohol, dairy, condiments and personal care products. According to the customer's packaging design and factory layout, we will provide you most professional packaging solutions, including bottle design, beverage formula, water treatment, pre-treatment, blowing system, filling system and packaging system.
In the future, we will keep up with the global beverage packaging industry trends and provides new set filling packaging solutions. To build the ultimate beverage factory with the newest industrial intelligence technology.
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