Form Ideal Business Model According to Changeable Bottled Water Consumption Market

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As a manufacturer of bottled water filling machines,you not only need to keep improving the products quality but also should step with the bottled water consumption market changes to form your ideal business model.


It’s reported that the country with the highest consumption of bottles water is Mexico. From 2010 to 2017 the growth rate of consumption per went from 41 gallons to 59 gallons per person; almost a 50% increase in five years. Over 70% of the water sold is bulk water in reusable large plastic and glass bottle (mostly five gallons or 20 liters in size). The bulk of the sales came from Water Stores and delivery truck for homes and businesses.


The main reason for the huge growth was the water was sold at a cost that people could afford to buy. The current cost for five gallons or 20 liters is less than 1.00 U.S.D. in the water stores and 1.50 U.S.D delivered. The reason that water can be sold at such a low cost is that there is no packaging. With plants filling small bottles, the major cost is in the packaging. The cost of the water in most cases is less than 1% of the packaging cost. In many areas the water store is used as the water plant for delivered water. The total cost of setting up a water store with delivery is also the lowest cost of the different types of business.


For this,on the one hand,the bottled water filling and packing machine suppliers may target at Mexico bottled water plants;on the other hand,you must control the products’ cost in manufacturing and delivering.