Installation of Water Factory in Saudi Arabia

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Our plan to install a water factory in Saudi Arabia has been running smoothly and quickly. Recently, Links Machine Company sales Mr.Tom Huang has arrived in Saudi Arabia. This trip is mainly for the final preparation of our company's upcoming water factory in Saudi Arabia. 

Communicate with technical staff about water filling machine

After communication with our technicians and builders for many times, we have determined the entire process of the whole water filling line. All our water bottling plant equipment is also under final supervision and confirmation to ensure that the filling machine will maintain its best condition when it arrives in Saudi Arabia.


Our water bottling plant machine will play a huge role in the water factory, which is one of our hot products. We also have a lot of auxiliary machines, such as bottle blow molding machine, bottle label machine and bottle packing machine. You will also see the drinking water bottle filling machine in filling system. In short, we have a very complete production line and high quality machines to run this water factory.

In addition, in order to make Saudi customers to know our products more deeply, and provide better service to customers in Saudi Arabia and even the entire Middle East. we will also set up the local installation and after-sales department of Links Machinery in Saudi Arabia. If you are also in Saudi Arabia recently, please contact us. Our sales and engineers will go to meet you.


As a professional water filling machine manufacturer and supplier of beverage filling and packaging machinery, Links has more than 15 years of experience in this industry. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and really hope to have good communication and win-win cooperation with you!