LINKS Machinery has Focused on Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

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LINKS Machinery has been paying attention to the development of China's machinery industry and is constantly striving for the development of this industry. At present, our main development direction is "smart manufacturing." This is the main direction of "Made in China 2025" and the commanding height of manufacturing technology in all walks of life. We are ready to apply smart manufacturing technology on the water filling machine.

 water filling machine

What is the significance of making 2025 in China?


Made in China 2025 is the first 10-year action plan of the Chinese government to implement the strategy of manufacturing a strong country. The significance of "Made in China 2025" is that under the new international and domestic environment, the Chinese government has made a major strategic plan to comprehensively improve the quality and level of China's beverage filling machine manufacturing industry based on the trend of international industrial transformation. Its fundamental goal is to change the situation of China's manufacturing industry that is “big but not strong”. Through 10 years of hard work, China has entered the ranks of manufacturing powerhouses, laying a solid foundation for building China into a manufacturing powerhouse with global leadership and influence by 2045.


What is Intelligent Manufacturing?


"Intelligent Manufacturing" aims to optimize manufacturing resources, increase business value and security, and reduce waste.


LINKS hopes to achieve both on-site and back-office operations while meeting customer delivery and quality requirements. Water filler manufacturers achieve this through the latest Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), smart devices and digital production lines. LINKS Machinery focuses on high-end packaging at home and abroad, integrates and innovates Internet technology and manufacturing, and promotes packaging manufacturing to digital, providing customers with better intelligent manufacturing solutions, helping enterprise customers to transform and upgrade, and achieving mutual benefits. Our solution is to collect data and provide manufacturers with real-time information about their processes so they can predict market trends and analyze root causes.