Links Oil Filling Line Shipped to Zambia

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Our Zambia customer Mr.Amish bought edible oil filling line several days ago. Today the oil filling line has been packed. These edible oil filling machines will be shipped to Lusaka,the capital of Zambia.Here is what happened onsite.


                                       Customized Edible Oil Filling Machine,manufactured by Links

This kind of filling machine is designed according to customers’ special practical needs.It is convenient to fill different sizes of edible oil bottles with high filling precision.


This kind of oil filling machine features are as follows:


Wide adjustable range from 500ml to 5L;


PLC microcomputer control system, easy to operate, save labor;


Set the filling bulkhead and anti-drip device, effectively put the phenomenon of oil and other materials in the filling after drawing and dripping to an end.

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