Links organized a team to build a lot of fun

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The core of LINKS corporate culture is "people-oriented, caring for employees". It is our responsibility to let employees and LINKS grow together. In order to let employees feel the company's intentions and make them more united and friendly, LINKS creates the most comfortable environment for employees. LINKS Juice Filling Machine Factory has formulated a series of employee welfare policies: Shanghu Scenic Area, arranging vehicles, Internet celebrity restaurants, etc., reflecting the company's care and concern for employees.

All the staff drove to the Shanghu Scenic Area. Each staff prepared a small gift package for excursions and shared the food they brought during the tour. On the same day, everyone took a boat on the lake to watch the scenery of Shanghu. LINKS makes every member feel the warmth of the company, LINKS automatic beverage filling machine factory has been improving, LINKS is also doing its best to provide customers with better products.

LINKS will always maintain its original intention. I believe that both individuals and companies will have better development. LINKS always adheres to the concept of being grateful for innovation and efficiency. We thank every employee who has contributed to the company.

As a responsible, conscientious and responsible company, LINKS has not forgotten the employees who contributed to the development of the company while it is constantly developing, always thinking about how to care for and help the employees to grow, so that employees feel love It is a big family composed of all our employees. New Year's Day is also coming. In the new year, in the future, let us all continue to work together to create greater glory and provide better mineral water filling machines for our customers.