Operation of Fruit Juice Production Line

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Before using the juice beverage production line equipment, the reservoir must be cleaned with fresh hot water and then sterilized with steam. The material slurry enters the cylinder from the material tube fixed on the cylinder head, or the cylinder head is opened to pour. When heating, you must close the refrigerant inlet valve, exhaust the remaining refrigerant in the jacket, and then input the materials, start the stirrer, and then open the steam valve. After reaching the required temperature, you should first close the steam valve. Turn off the mixer again. As an outstanding fruit juice filling machine manufacturer, LINKS is going to share some knowledge with you.

Operation of fruit juice production line: 

1. Cooling method: 

Close the steam valve, drain the remaining steam condensate from the jacket, and then open the cylinder bottom refrigerant valve to allow the refrigerant to pass through the jacket to reduce the temperature of the material in the cylinder. 

2. Insulation: 

According to the required temperature, start the stirrer, high-speed valve, and maintain the temperature (note the temperature table) in order to achieve the purpose of insulation. 

3. Cleaning: 

After processing, after exhausting the remaining condensed water in the jacket of the tank, rinse it with warm water as soon as possible, brush off the sticky materials, and then thoroughly wash the inner wall of the container with 40C-50C alkaline water, and rinse with water. For the next use, use hot water or steam (90C) or more for 2-3 minutes for disinfection. 

4. Maintenance: 

Always pay attention to the working conditions of the juice bottling line and the reducer. When the lubricant of the reducer is insufficient, replenish it immediately. Change the oil once every six months. When the equipment is not in use, be sure to rinse the jacket with warm water to avoid salt water corrosion and frequent scrubbing. The cylinder body keeps the exterior clean, and the inner liner is bright and durable.


Fruit juice production line mainly produces natural fruit juices, fruit juice drinks, fruit juice drinks with fruit pulp, fruit juice. Refreshing drinks, fruit juice concentrates, etc. These beverages have different main ingredients but they are produced. The basic principles and processes are roughly the same. Fruit raw materials are generally processed through a fruit juice production line. Pre-treatment, juice extraction or extraction, clarification and filtration, homogenization, deoxidation, concentration, composition adjustment, made by packaging and sterilization, this fruit juice production line is suitable to produce various fruit juices.

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