Performance characteristics and advantages of wine filling equipment

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1. The wine filling equipment adopts microcomputer PLC programming control, photoelectric sensing, and electro-pneumatic control. Full color touch screen man-machine interface. All filling processes can be filled automatically by setting the filling volume and the number of filling heads via the touch screen on the device. This process basically achieves one-click operation.

2. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards.

3. Adopt the principle of self-flow filling to prevent liquid from overflowing. The drip-proof filling head ensures a clean and hygienic filling process.

4. Linear drive, easy to adjust, suitable for filling most bottle types (especially special-shaped bottles).

Advantages of wine filling equipment:

1. Intelligent operating system

With the support of PLC software, just set the target quantity on the touch screen, and the equipment can automatically increase or decrease to reach the target quantity. Color touch screen, all functions such as operation, monitoring, and operation instructions are completed on the touch screen.

2. Stable filling and rehydration function

Adopting the principle of function separation, the filling process is not replenished, and the replenishment process is not loaded, which overcomes the instability of floating and replenishing at the same time.

3. Automatic bottle mouth clamping function for vials

This machine is equipped with a bayonet device to ensure that the bottle mouth and the filling nozzle coincide with the filling of small capacity (glass bottles, etc.).

4. Wide application range and easy adjustment

It is suitable for filling most bottle types (especially special-shaped bottles), and overcomes the trouble of changing the dial when the rotary filling machine changes the bottle type. For irregular bottle shapes that cannot be filled by rotary filling machines, rotary filling machines have greater advantages.

5. The filling process is closed and there is no pollution