Ramadan in 2019 is Coming

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Links Machinery is very concerned about our Muslim customers. I know that many of our water filling machine customers are concerned about Ramadan, so we provide a good service for these customers. Users who purchase our products before Ramadan can contact us in advance if they have any after-sales problems. We will provide you with the solution as soon as possible. For example, after you purchase our drinking waer filling machine, we need to provide after-sales service. You can tell us before Ramadan, we will solve the after-sales problem as soon as possible.

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When is Ramadan?

The beginning and the end of Ramadan are based on the appearance of the new crescent. The Islamic chief looks at the sky on the mosque's ceremonial floor. If you see a slender new moon, Ramadan begins.

Is this year's Ramadan coming soon?

Ramadan is coming in 2019. For more than one billion Muslims in the world, Ramadan is definitely the most anticipated holiday of the year, because Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year, a great, festive, auspicious and respectful month. During Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink during the sunrise to sunset, expressing self-sacrifice in this way. During this time, Muslims withdrew, prayed and read the Qur'an.

Remind everyone that you have any after-sales demand for sparkling water filling Machine before purchasing Ramadan, please contact us in advance.