Welcome Cameroonian customer Yannick to visit the factory

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Last week, customer Yannick from Cameroon visited our factory and he wanted to buy our 6000BPH carbonated water filling line.


Our 3-in-1 carbonated filling machine is of good quality.

1.This machine has a compact structure, completed control system, easy to operate and highly automated.

2. By changing the star-wheel, screw bottle inlet and arc guide plate can realize to change the bottle shape.

3. The parts that direct contact with product are made of food grade stainless steel and no technology corner pockets and easy to clean.

4. By adopting high speed filling valve, the liquid level is precise and no waste. That guarantees the demand of filling technology.

5. The capping head adopts constant torque magnetic device to guarantee capping quality and impact cap.

6. The machine adopts high effective cap sorting system and completely self control and protective device.

7. The machine is equipped with perfect overload protective device that can keep the equipment and operator safely.

8. The control system has many functions, such as control producing speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block automatic stop and production counting etc.

9. The electric components and pneumatic components are all introduced from world famous brand products.

10. The human-machine interface operation of the whole machine is realized by advanced pro-face.

Welcome all customers to visit our factory.