High Pressure Type Beverage Mixing Machine High Pressure Type Beverage Mixing Machine

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  • Model: GBH
  • Brand: Links
  • Code: 8422301090
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High Pressure Type Beverage Mixing Machine

GBH-type mixer is on the introduction of foreign technology ,developed on the basis of a new type of mixer, This machine reasonable structure, advanced processes , high mixing precision , CO2 mixing fully , easy to operate with a advanced level equivalent to their foreign counterparts.

Basic component
It mainly consists of degassing systems, hybrid systems, pre-carbonation systems, cooling systems, carbonation systems, electric control and other components.
1.Degassing system - the system use a vacuum pump to the vacuum degassing vessel, the treated water using the water jet method to eliminate gas in a high vacuum process, to ensure stability of the filling.
2. Hybrid system – treated water removed the gas and cool syrup, by means of a sugar syrup mixer apparatus for accurate mixing, Hybrid system tank and syrup tank level was precisely controlled by float devoce, the mixing tank’s precise level adjustment with the regulating valve , to stabilize the mass flow.
3.Pre- carbonation system CO2 -CO2 gases is injected into the mixing quantitative drinks by the metering device.
4.Cooling System - The system is to cool to the optimum carbonation temperature.
5. Carbonation system – Carbonationized the beverage after pre- carbonization treatment and cooling treatment to contain gas to the desired finally.
6.Electric control cabinets and racks - with a PLC, electrical switches, pneumatic devices , including all of the air valve , air switch and trachea , relays, meter control devices, touch screen. A stainless steel frame , most of the equipment components installed on this rack. Frame is welded structure, with adjustable stainless steel legs and fitted with stainless steel plate.

Technical date 
GAS MULTIPLES20℃ ≥2.5 times
Theoretical consumption of carbon dioxide(Nm3/hr) 4(1.0Mpa 0℃)
Inlet diameter of carbon dioxide 1/2”
inlet pressure of  compressed air(Mpa) 0.5-0.8
Compressed air consumption(Nm3/hr) 0.5(0.5-0.8Mpa)
Compressed air inlet diameter 1/2”
Treatment water supply(L/hr) ≥4000
Processing water temperature(℃) ≤20
inlet pressure of treated water(Mpa) 0.15-0.25
inlet diameter of treated water DN40
Processing syrup supply (L/hr) ≥600
Processing syrup temperature(℃) ≤20
Processing syrup inlet pressure(Mpa) 0.15-0.25
inlet diameter of Processing syrup DN32
Material outlet pressure(Mpa) ≤0.65
Material outlet temperature(℃) ≤4-6
Material outlet diameter DN50
Refrigerant circulation(L/hr) 14000
Refrigerant inlet temperature(℃) -2
Refrigerant inlet pressure(Mpa) 0.2-0.25
Refrigerant inlet outlet diameter DN80
Power KW 8
Overall dimension 2200×1200×2200
Weight 1800


1) Can your factory provide the whole plant from A to Z?
A: Yes, we can provide the complete plant, from bottling making plant, water purification plant, to filling packing plant. 
2) How can I know the machinery quality before I order? 
A: Frist, we will invite you visiting our factory to check the machines quality, and show the machines running for you in our factory. 
3)What certificates you can provide?
A: Our factory provide the CE, SGS, ISO, and accroding to some countries, we also can provide the Pvoc, Coc, Soncap...ect 
4)Can your factory make the bottle drawing, workshop layout, and labels for us? 
A: We can help customers design their own bottle shape, workshop layout and label drawings, these jobs are free charge. 
(Workshop need customer to provide the size of factory) 
5)Installation and Training Time
A: We have professional engineer for oversea installaion and training, they can speak English, and have much experience oversea work.
Customer needs to provide the engineer visa, air tickets, sleep room and meals. Each day salary is 80usd, around 20-40days.
6) Warranty time:
We provide the 18 months as our machinery parts warranty time, and electric parts warranty time is 12 month.

1) Can your factory provide the whole plant from A to Z?

A: Yes, we can provide the complete plant, from bottling making plant, water purification plant, to filling packing plant. 

2) How can I know the machinery quality before I order? 

A: Frist, we will invite you visiting our factory to check the machines quality, and show the machines running for you in our factory. 

3)What certificates you can provide?

A: Our factory provide the CE, SGS, ISO, and accroding to some countries, we also can provide the Pvoc, Coc, Sonc

4)Can your factory make the bottle drawing, workshop layout, and labels for us? 

A: We can help customers design their own bottle shape, workshop layout and label drawings, these jobs are free charge. 
(Workshop need customer to provide the size of factory) 

5)Installation and Training Time

A: We have professional engineer for oversea installaion and training, they can speak English, and have much experience oversea work.
Customer needs to provide the engineer visa, air tickets, sleep room and meals. Each day salary is 80usd, around 20-40days.

6) Warranty time:

We provide the 18 months as our machinery parts warranty time, and electric parts warranty time is 12 month.