Semi-Automatic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine Semi-Automatic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

Semi-Automatic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine is specially designed for low speed packing requirement of bottled drinking water (pure water, beverage, juice, milk etc). When conveying the bottles, it can arrange and film wrap the bottles automatically, which save the time and improve the working efficiency.

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  • Model: MBJ-B
  • Code: 8422400000
  • Product Description

Semi-auto Bottle Film Wrapping Packing Machine

The Features of Semi-Automatic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine:

1.Up and down magnetic switch prevent sealing mistakes, and protect the operators.

2.The input position is adjustable, base on the size of products packaged.

3.Schneider PLC, Schneider AC contractor, and intelligent temperature controller performs stable.

4.Large power conveyer motor, with stepless speed regulating, ensures smooth feeding.

5.Up and down large power fan system ensures the excellent effect of shrinking in one time.

6.Super cooling system cools the packing and makes the figuration perfectly.

7.The size of tunnel can be customized as your request.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

It is PLC control, automatic work processing.

Constant temperature cutting blaes, which surface sprayed by Teflon, with the advantage of stable sealing.Touch screen is used to ensure easy operation.

Suit for different bottle size and packaging type without tray packing.

This type of shrink wrappig machine is your best choice for middle capacity, which is easy operation and maintance.


Technical Parameters


2-5 bag/min

Sealing time:

0.5-1.5s 0-0.5s

Conveyor loading:


Film thickness:


Max. Packing dimension:

L W H   400*270*350MM

Machine dimension:





1) Can your factory provide the whole plant from A to Z?
A: Yes, we can provide the complete plant, from bottling making plant, water purification plant, to filling packing plant. 
2) How can I know the machinery quality before I order? 
A: Frist, we will invite you visiting our factory to check the machines quality, and show the machines running for you in our factory. 
3)What certificates you can provide?
A: Our factory provide the CE, SGS, ISO, and accroding to some countries, we also can provide the Pvoc, Coc, Soncap...ect 
4)Can your factory make the bottle drawing, workshop layout, and labels for us? 
A: We can help customers design their own bottle shape, workshop layout and label drawings, these jobs are free charge. 
(Workshop need customer to provide the size of factory) 
5)Installation and Training Time
A: We have professional engineer for oversea installaion and training, they can speak English, and have much experience oversea work.
Customer needs to provide the engineer visa, air tickets, sleep room and meals. Each day salary is 80usd, around 20-40days.
6) Warranty time:
We provide the 18 months as our machinery parts warranty time, and electric parts warranty time is 12 month.