2019 Links' Development Vision in Beverage Filling Machines

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The year 2019 has arrived. Here we sincerely wish our customers a happy new year and prosperous business.


Looking back at 2018, we have achieved a lot. Over the past year, we have made and cooperated with many new customers from different countries around the world, such as Ecuador, Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Laos and Brazil. There are also many old customers repurchasing machines from us, such as Vietnamese, Canadian, Saudi, Burundi people, etc.

 water filling machine

Here we sincerely thank our customers for their trust in our company and factory. It is our honor and pursuit to cooperate with you and create wealth and profit for you.


The purpose we always insist on: The quality wins a market, the trustworthiness casts brand and the technological innovation achieves the future.


We have insisted on serving our customers with advanced and high-quality filling machines in order to constantly improve the rate of old customers’ repurchase and it is also facilitates sales staff to develop more new customers.

 beverage filling machine

With the rapid development of economy, the market demands more and more on the diversity of commodity packaging, and the technical requirements of filling production line are also higher and higher. Faced with such a trend, Links will continuously improve its processing technology capabilities and research & development innovation to meet the demands of diversified market and sustainable development of enterprises.


In the future, we will keep face with the development trend of the global beverage packaging industry, provide the latest and comprehensive filling and packaging solutions and create the ultimate beverage factory and the latest industrial intelligence technology.