All Links members are vaccinated against the new crown

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Since the epidemic, the country has been heavily guarded as a foreign trade company. In order to provide the best protection for customers, all Links staff have been vaccinated against the new crown. We Links always put customers and products first in the company.

As a foreign trader, we always regard customers and products as our most basic work. In terms of products, we must always learn and understand our products, not only from our domestic products, but also from the market of our products. Most of our bottled water vendors are from the Middle East and Africa, and the details vary greatly. There are few fruits in Africa, and most of them are interested in juice filling lines. African customers are hospitable. Customers in the Middle East are obviously more interested in our water filling production line, and they have higher professional requirements for the machine. We are facing such customers.

In order to bring better service to our customers, we have been improving ourselves and welcome your choice.