What is it like to own a water plant

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What is the feeling of owning a water plant? Water is the most indispensable thing for human beings. The most scientific method for the human body is to use 8 glasses of water a day. How can we reasonably and legally own a water plant?

1. Choose the right water filling machine

Prepare for success. Invest in the right equipment for your business. It may be tempting to save money and buy cheap equipment, but you will lose labor costs and wasted products, and you will end up spending more money. Your bottled water equipment may be the most important investment you will make. Don't know where to start? Contact LINKS-Machine for the layout of the water plant.

2. Decide what type of bottle you want to use

Decide whether to use glass or plastic and find a supplier. Generally speaking, different water filling machines have different requirements for water bottles, plastics or glass.

Most professional water filling and packaging companies also provide labeling machines. You need to tell the supplier what type of bottle you have. PET plastic, glass, etc. Also, are they round or square, and how big the label needs to be. Make sure to obtain the necessary labeling requirements from the local health department. You can order the nutrition label service here.

Pro tip: Glass bottles do a great job of providing a high-end feel to your products and keeping plastic away from water. However, glass comes at a price. If you are selling high-end and expensive products, please choose glass only

Last but not least, understand the local health laws regarding drinking water

Laws on drinking water vary from region to region. For example, in the United States, the FDA stipulates that pure water can be sold directly to consumers through retail or delivery, but not wholesale to third parties that will be resold. If you want to sell in wholesale, you need to treat the water by heat pasteurization or HPP.

Japan has the strictest laws I have ever seen. Companies must produce drinking water at their sales locations. In contrast, countries such as Australia and China have almost no supervision of raw water, and companies can wholesale it at will. I expect that as different types of drinking water become more and more popular, some areas with looser laws will begin to switch to stricter regulations in the near future.

The easiest and best way to understand health regulations is to contact your local health department.

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