Links factory test machine

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    The automatic bottled water filling machine of Links is an efficient automatic liquid packaging equipment integrating washing, filling and sealing. The three-in-one equipment for the filling line that will be shipped to Algeria next week is undergoing a full trial. In order to fully meet customer requirements and satisfy customers, all Links employees are dispatched in the factory to help workers debug the machine together, and let us Everyone unites the upward force.

     Popularize the technical features of the equipment for everyone:

     Rotating intermittent spray washing, synchronous spraying from bottle feeding, bottle pinching, bottle pouring, bottle filling, to emptying and filling.

     The unique bottle mouth pressurized filling ensures that the bottle mouth and the filling valve are accurately sealed, preventing the original bottle from being round or crooked, and the leaking bottom caused by the thin bottle wall is filled.

     It adopts programmable controller to realize automatic control of the whole process from bottle feeding to packaging.

     The cover is tightened with a magnetic clutch. The torque is adjustable to ensure the quality of the bottle cap.

     All parts in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel (SUS304), which meets food hygiene requirements.

   Choosing Links means choosing protection means choosing to rest assured