Cameroon’s 12,000 bottles per hour fully automatic water production line was successfully put into operation

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After more than a month of intense debugging, Links is honored to announce that its 12,000 bottles per hour fully automatic water production line has been successfully put into production in Cameroon, providing customers with efficient and reliable production solutions. Customers expressed their sincere gratitude for Links's technical support and highly recognized and praised our work.


Customers spoke highly of the stability, production efficiency and product quality of the production line, believed that Links's technology and service levels had met expectations, and expressed admiration for the efforts of its professional team.

At the same time, customers' trust in Links was further demonstrated. Not only did they choose Links again, but they also placed an order for a new production line of 300 barrels of 5 gallons. The placing of this order is not only an endorsement of Linkes products, but also expresses the customer's confidence in Links's technical strength and service level.


As the world's leading provider of automated production line solutions, Links will continue to be committed to providing customers with excellent technical support and services, working with partners to promote the development of industrial automation and realize the digital transformation of more industries.


Links looks forward to working with customers to write a new chapter of success and inject more innovation and vitality into industrial automation.