Lebanese customers visit Links Machinery

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Links had the privilege of hosting a significant client from Lebanon recently, who expressed keen interest in our company's carbonated beverage filling production line. The client is planning to purchase an efficient production line capable of producing 3000 bottles per hour and visited our factory to gain in-depth insights into our equipment.


During the tour, we provided the client with a detailed introduction to the unique features and advanced technology of Links's carbonated beverage production line. Our team showcased the line's high level of automation, stability, and outstanding performance, particularly its exceptional capability to achieve a production rate of 3000 bottles per hour.

The client expressed high satisfaction with our production line, and after thorough discussions between both parties, key order details were finalized. The client indicated an immediate payment upon their return to their home country, formalizing the purchase of Links's carbonated beverage filling production line. This collaboration not only signifies recognition of Links's technical prowess and product quality but also reaffirms our reputation in the global market.

Links will continue to uphold the customer-centric philosophy, providing clients with high-quality and efficient production lines. We remain committed to driving technological innovation, making significant contributions to the global beverage industry's development. We look forward to a deep and fruitful collaboration with our Lebanese client, collectively forging a brighter future.