We are honored to have signed a 5-year agency contract with the Israeli company G.A.D.R.

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LINKS, a professional beverage filling and packaging machinery manufacturer and supplier, is proud to announce the signing of a five-year agency contract with G.A.D.R-a prominent Israeli company specializing in the food industry. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in both companies' pursuit of excellence and growth within the Israeli food market.


G.A.D.R has established a strong presence in the Israeli food market over many years, and their CEO boasts over two decades of invaluable experience in the industry. With an extensive background in the food sector, G.A.D.R brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Furthermore, they have an accomplished team of engineers on the ground, ready to provide top-notch after-sales service to local customers.


This year, G.A.D.R and LINKS collaborated on the installation of a cutting-edge 8000-10000 cans per hour can filling line. Throughout the cooperation, G.A.D.R consistently praised our company's exceptional service and machine quality. This mutual admiration for each other's capabilities has culminated in the signing of a five-year agency contract, solidifying our commitment to a long-term partnership.



The five-year agency contract represents a commitment to deepening collaboration between LINKS and G.A.D.R. Both companies are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring and look forward to serving the Israeli food industry with excellence.

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About LINKS:

LINKS is a company specializing in the production of beverage filling machinery and equipment. With a reputation for innovation and quality, we have been a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. For more information, please visit https://www.links-machine.com.

About G.A.D.R:

G.A.D.R is a leading company in the Israeli food industry, with a rich history of providing top-quality solutions and services. With over two decades of experience, their CEO and team of engineers are committed to delivering excellence to their customers. For more information, please visit www.gadr.co.il.