Links explored the Burundi market and reached important cooperation with three customers

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In the past week, our Links team conducted a six-day intensive visit in Burundi, and negotiated cooperation with three customers. This marks the continuous expansion of Links in the water filling industry in Burundi, consolidating its leading position in the region.

July 17-21: Life Water – Emerging Brand in Burundi

During this period, the Links team met with the Burundian brand Life Water and visited its advanced production plant in depth. For the factory layout of Life Water, the Links team put forward optimization suggestions to further improve production efficiency and quality. What is particularly noteworthy is that the two parties have conducted preliminary discussions on the 25,000-bottle beer production line that will be launched next year, which indicates that the two parties may cooperate closely in the beer industry in the future.

life water

July 20th and 21st: Kinju - the old water plant with the largest market share in Burundi

In the past 12 years, Links has maintained a close cooperative relationship with Kinju, an old water plant with the largest market share in Burundi. During this visit, the Links team once again met with Kinju's top management to learn about its latest requirements and project plans. With the technical support from Links, Kinju has successfully expanded its production scale and maintained its dominant position in the water filling field in Burundi.

kinju water

July 22: Eagle Water - new filling and injection molding project

On the last day of the itinerary, Links team visited Eagle Water. As a famous water factory in Burundi, Eagle Water is planning to introduce 5-gallon filling line and injection molding machine line. During the meeting, the two parties discussed the details of the new project and explored opportunities for cooperation. Eagle Water showed strong interest in Linkex's professional technology and comprehensive solutions, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

eagle water

Since its inception, Links Machinery has been committed to providing world-class water filling solutions. By working closely with customers in Burundi, Links has continuously expanded its business scale in the region and established a good reputation. With the gradual implementation of new projects, Links will continue to lead the innovation of the water filling industry and provide customers with better products and services.