We visited the regular customers in Cameroon From July 13th to July 16th

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LINKS MACHINERY has recently completed a successful visit to an regular customer in Cameroon, and is honored to announce that the two parties have signed a new cooperation agreement. This visit not only further consolidated the cooperative relationship between the two parties, but also opened a new chapter for LINKS MACHINERY.

This regular customer, who has been cooperating with LINKS MACHINERY for three years, has purchased a 10L water production line, a 12000 BPH water filling line and a 48 heads injection molding machine. Customers are very satisfied with the machines provided by LINKS MACHINERY, and they will only choose LINKS MACHINERY as their partner in the future. LINKS MACHINERY is honored by this accolade.



During this visit, the LINKS MACHINERY delegation visited the customer's French-style factory and made valuable suggestions on the production and maintenance of the machine. The customer warmly received the LINKS MACHINERY team, and personally invited us to a family dinner to have a close reunion with the family. LINKS MACHINERY is extremely honored by this family-like relationship. The two sides support each other, grow together, and meet future challenges together.



At the end of this visit, LINKS MACHINERY signed an important contract with the customer again, which involves a new 6000 BPH fruit juice production line. The achievement of this important cooperation fully reflects the love and trust between the two parties and further strengthens our partnership.


We are very grateful to our Cameroon customers for their trust and support. We will continue to devote ourselves to providing high-quality machines and excellent customer service to meet customers' needs. This successful cooperation will start a new journey for us, and we look forward to future cooperation.

With the end of this successful visit, LINKS MACHINERY will move on and start the next milestone journey. We look forward to the continued growth and success of LINKS MACHINERY worldwide.