Congolese customer Mr. Vincent visited Links

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We are honored to announce that, as an old Congolese customer who has supported each other for 5 years, Mr. Vincent came to our company again for business negotiation. This visit is to discuss a cola production line with a production capacity of 7,000 bottles per hour.


The cola production line will adopt the most advanced technology and equipment and is expected to start production next year. The capacity of this production line can reach 7000 bottles of coke, which will provide our customers with more product choices and meet the growth of market demand.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all walks of life around the world have faced unprecedented challenges, and our close cooperation with Mr. Vincent has demonstrated strong resilience during this difficult time. The two companies have been supporting each other and coping with the difficult situation together.


Mr. Vincent said that he is full of confidence in this cooperation and looks forward to future cooperation opportunities. He said: "Our partnership with your company has established a strong foundation and we have weathered difficult times together. I believe that through this partnership, we will be able to further strengthen our partnership and bring Come more value."