Carbonated beverage 3-in-1 filling machine using method and production process

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To use the carbonated beverage 3-in-1 filling machine :

Clean the jar first, then connect the high-pressure hose to the storage bucket, open the exhaust valve on the jar, and let the vaporous liquid flow into the jar. Close the vent valve when the liquid overflows. Then hang the bottle with the foot pedal, open the liquid outlet valve, and then close the liquid outlet valve when the liquid fills the bottle. Wait a few seconds for the gas in the bottle to be exhausted, remove the bottle, and complete the filling.

The production process of the carbonated beverage 3-in-1 filling machine:

1. Washing water: The washing water is the water treated by the pure water treatment system and sent to the washing machine for washing.

2. Disinfection and cap management of bottle caps: bottle caps that meet the technical requirements are manually poured into the bottle cap automatic disinfection cabinet. After a certain period of disinfection, they are manually sent into the cap organizer, and the cap organizer organizes the disorganized caps into one uniform After the caps are arranged in the direction, the caps are sent to the capping machine for capping.

3. Product filling and capping: The material is filled into the cleaned PET bottle through the filling system, and the capping machine uses the capped bottle cap to seal the semi-finished product.

4. Post-packaging of the product: The semi-finished products after filling will be finished products after labeling, shrinking, spraying, and film wrapping, and then put into storage after manual stamping or machine stacking.