Customers from Vietnam Started an Order with Links

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This Wednesday, 1st August, a Vietnamese customer who has kept in touch with us for many years finally  arrived in China. We were glad that he chose us in countless manufacturers from all over the world, and we were proud of getting his trust in making juice filling machine professionally.


During his visit, we took him to visit our factory's beverage production line in Henan Province. The main product produced by this production line  is hot-filled juice which he intended to make. Then we gradually nailed down the production process applied, product packaging methods, and  production and factory layout with our engineers' help. All in all, he became our friendly business partner. 


Links Machinery has focused on the production of beverage filling equipment for 15 years. We strive to provide customers from around the worlds with the most professional, economical solutions, and the most intimate and complete services. In addition, we lay stress on quality and customer experiences. 


If you want to visit us, either from China or other countries, and inspect our various production lines, welcome to  contact us freely!