Further Negotiations with Vietnamese Client have Been under Way

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The Vietnamese customers came last week. After a short stay in our factory which manufactures beverage filling equipment in Henan Province, they finally came to the office district of our company in Zhang Jiagang, Jiangsu. As the picture below shown, our leaders and engineers were on the scene to explain the production process and talk about the possible issues in process. The atmosphere of exploration and discussion was so harmonious that both parties were pretty satisfied with this cooperation. At the end of the negotiation day, we finally signed a contract with the Vietnamese client, which meant that Links’s first large-scale beverage production line would be established in Vietnam. All of us hoped that this project can be completed successfully.

The engineers are doing the presentation

Links focuses on manufacturing liquid filling machines, including different styles of fluid bottling machines, such as water filling machine, beverage filling machine, oil & chemical liquid filling machine, and etc. Our hot filling Monobloc composed of liquid feeding pipes, liquid distributor, filling system, CIP dummy cup, re-circulation system with precise filling temperature control and level control. All liquid contacting parts are made of 316L or food stuff rubber and plastic. We are always looking forward to knowing your needs and let us design the machines that belong to you. 

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