Delivery: Pure Water Production Line to Yemen

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This week, Links delivered a complete pure water production line with capacity of 5,000 bottle per hour to Yemen. This pure water production line is watercustomized according to customer's high-end drinking water requirements. We’re looking forward to the customers putting machines into production in May.


The pure water production line contains several systems: fully automatic bottle blowing system, water treatment system, filling system, double-sided labeling system and packing system. The automation of machines are a highly important part. The automatic production line provides products with high quality and reduction in cost. 


For quite some years now, we’ve been doing rather well with our products in Middle East: Links was already doing business on Middle East 15 years ago. With the development of times, the modern market consumption tends to individuation, arrangement and aesthetic affection. So as to meet the rising levels of market demand and clients’ needs, Links has always been positively developing new technology and improving their productivity, quality and delivery punctuality.


As for our service, we have a professional has a strong service team in good faith for you!


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