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Ready for Vietnam?

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A complete aseptic filling granular juice production line manufactured by Links for Vietnamese customers is about to be officially put into production. According to the customer's request, our company sent a number of engineers, and they spended only one month installing and debugging the entire production line.


As a manufacturer of beverage filling machines, Links pay attention to the equipment that can be built, as well as the capabilities of the different machines. Understanding the needs of the customer and what equipment will best meet those needs are a top priority. Though installation will be discussed, they may not always be appreciated until the time comes that they are needed.


At Liquid Filling Solution, no filling project simply ends at the delivery of the equipment. After-sales services such as installation, training may not always be necessary, depending on the equipment acquired and the level of experience of those working with the equipment, but the services are always available to ensure smooth, consistent and effective performance. For those new to filling equipment, and especially automatic filling lines, the install and training elements of the services can prove crucial in not only getting up and running, but continuing to run efficiently into the foreseeable future.

The installation and training helps operators of the equipment to learn about the necessary knowledge to get the most out of the machinery and to operate the machinery safely and properly to avoid injury or unnecessary wear and tear. The install and training generally go hand in hand. Not only can operators learn how to properly set up and operate the equipment, but they will learn the basics of troubleshooting and what to look for if efficiency seems to wane. 

Currently we are very busy making preparations to set up branch company in Vietnam. In that case, it will be easier to proveide perfect services and consummate the sales web.