Detailed Introduction of Automatic Bottled Filling Machine

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The automatic bottled water filling machine of Links Company is a high-efficiency fully-automatic liquid packaging equipment integrating washing, filling and sealing functions.

full automatic small bottled water filling machine

Technical characteristics:

1) Rotary intermittent spray washing, conveying from bottle feeding, pinching the bottle, turning the bottle upside down, spraying inside the bottle synchronously until the bottle is drained and filled.

2)Unique pressure filling at the bottle mouth is used to ensure that the mouth of the bottle and the filling valve are accurately sealed, which eliminates the leakage caused by the bottle is not round or the bottle is skewed and the wall is thin when the original bottle bottom is filled.

3) It adopts programmable controller control to realize the automatic control of the whole process from bottle feeding to packaging.

4) The cap is screwed with a magnetic clutch. The torque can be adjusted to ensure the quality of the cap.

5) All parts in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel (SUS304), which meets food hygiene requirements.

Flushing device:

1) The bottle head and bracket are made of SUS304 precision cast stainless steel;

2) The rotation of the clip is controlled by a conversion device located at the nozzle below the bottle mouth.


Filling device:

Filling valve is vital for the water bottling machine. Filling valve is made of SUS304 with guide ring inside the filling valve to avoid friction; It has the following advantages: O-type silicone seal ring, no bottle without filling, good sealing performance, fast filling speed, accurate liquid level, etc. The finished storage tank is a SUS304 stainless steel tank with automatic liquid level control.


Capping machine device:

Adopting advanced PICK-PLACE magnetic force adjustment torque form, the screw cap can be adjusted tightly, and equipped with a height adjuster suitable for the sealing of various lids.


Transmission system:

1) Centralized transmission mode: a main motor drives a worm reducer to drive the bottle washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, intermediate dial and other coordinated operations.

2) Controlled by domestic high-quality motor and variable frequency governor.

3) The gears of the reducer are used for direct transmission; the operation is stable and good and the maintenance and inspection are convenient.


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