LINKS Organizes Christmas Caring Activities

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"People-oriented and caring for employees" is the core of LINKS' corporate culture. It is our responsibility to let employees and LINKS "grow together ". In order to create a comfortable and harmonious internal and external environment for company employees, LINKS -a juice can filling machine factory has formulated a series of welfare policies for employees: arrange accommodation, reimburse taxi fares, develop various reward mechanisms, etc. It fully reflects the company's attention and concern for employees. In addition, the various gifts prepared by the company make employees feel warmer in major festivals.


merry christmas and happy new year 2020 greeting

Christmas and New Year are approaching. Several colleagues in the Administration Department dressed as cute and friendly Santa Clauses and distributed apple gift packages to each employee. Each employee has a gift, the gifts are exquisite and beautiful. The customers who were present that day were also given a surprise gift package. With such care, every family member felt the warm love. China automatic beverage filling machine factory is always improving, LINKS is trying its best to make better products for customers as well.


With gratitude, I believe that whether individuals or companies can go longer, LINKS has always adhered to the concept of "grateful, innovative and efficient". We are grateful to every family member who contributes to the company.


As a responsible, conscientious and responsible company, LINKS has not forgotten the employees who contributed to the development of the company while it is constantly developing, always thinking about how to care for and help the employees to grow, so that employees feel love It is a big family composed of all our employees. New Year's Day is also coming. In the new year, in the future, let us all continue to work together to create greater glory and provide better mineral water filling machines for our customers.