Juice, tea beverage hot filling machine process introductionⅡ

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When the temperature of the filling cylinder of the filling machine is lower than the filling set temperature, it follows the above-mentioned circulation system; when the incoming material is lower than the filling temperature set value, the three-way solenoid valve is automatically reversed, and the incoming material is directly cooled After that, return to the UHT balance tank, sterilize again, and get the set temperature filling.

In recent years, the development of fruit juice and tea beverages has been very rapid, and the growth rate has almost doubled every year. In addition to beverage manufacturers launching hot-filling projects, other industries are also scrambling to get a piece of the cake. As a result, there have been turbulent turbulence, no matter whether they have the conditions or not, more than a dozen manufacturers of this equipment have emerged overnight. Despite the good looks and low price, some of the technical details are not satisfactory. Through the extensive use of users, it is believed that in addition to the above basic functional requirements, the ability and experience of hot filling equipment in multiple directions are crucial.

Filling valve stability. When selecting high-quality stainless steel, its different functions and working conditions should be fully considered, and materials should be selected reasonably according to the type of material, chemical composition, and mechanical properties. Only by checking, can the performance of the filling valve be lasting and stable under long-term high temperature conditions.

Leakage of filling valve. The key is the selection of sealing and guiding parts in the filling valve. The influence of thermal deformation of this type of material at high temperature should be considered. When designing and manufacturing, there should be empirical data on its heat resistance, hardness and matching size, and an appropriate spring should be selected. In combination with sealing, this problem is solved.

Fouling problems in material channels. Filling cylinders, return cylinders, small diameter pipelines and other components must be guaranteed by advanced and mature technological measures and necessary special equipment in the production of stamping, welding and surface treatment. CIP operation, so that the contact parts with beverages are thoroughly cleaned without scaling and mildew on the screw mouth. In the production and debugging of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the bottle mouth conveying and the smoothness of the capping system, and it is difficult to cause mildew after the spray flushing before the capping; the channels are sterilized and rinsed in turn. After analogy and reasonable calculations and experiments, there is enough time for rinsing and draining to ensure a 100% rinse rate; when filling heat-resistant PET bottles, the control system of the filling machine should be equipped with corresponding procedure, so that the bottle body will not become rounded by static pressure; in terms of sterilization and sterilization of bottle caps, it is necessary to choose ozone force, ultraviolet sterilization or disinfection water immersion sterilization according to different situations; in the user's use stage, CIP cleaning in production is also very important. It is important that through extensive use, a combination of commonly used mechanical cleaning, SIP cleaning and reverse cleaning of the circulation system is used, and the cleaning liquid has a relative and turbulent state at the interface of the pipeline and container to obtain a good cleaning effect; The last is the management and technical support of the equipment manufacturer. The use of suitable bottles and caps plays a pivotal role in the production of high-quality and high-grade beverages.