Juice, tea beverage hot filling machine process introductionⅠ

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Juice and tea beverages usually use high-temperature hot filling and cold aseptic filling. Due to many conditions, domestic enterprises generally use the former. The process requirements for making juice and tea beverages are strict. From the comprehensive comparison of the process technology of PET bottle filling, the operability of the production line, and the quality of beverages, it is more economical and reliable to use the hot filling process. Hot filling requires juice and tea beverages to be maintained at a fixed value between 85°C and 95°C after UHT instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization, and the filling is completed in a very short time, which is a high temperature filling. Generally, carbonated carbonated beverages are filled with positioning type or quantitative type, and there is always a certain distance between the material and the bottle mouth. However, juice and tea beverages, especially those with original flavor, require the material to be filled to the full, that is, until the bottle is full, so that there is very little residual air in the bottle, which can ensure that the beverage itself is not easily oxidized, so that the beverage can be used for a long time. maintain its quality. Since hot filling needs to have the functions of high temperature filling and full mouth filling, it is required to be equipped with an automatic circulation system, which is convenient for low temperature material circulation heating and CIP circulation cleaning.

Hot filling should have the following functions.

Bottle mouth filling and conveying. When the heat-resistant PET bottle is filled at high temperature, the biaxially stretched PET will shrink when heated, and the shrinkage rate is generally 1% to 3%, and the strength of the neck is the largest. The bottle body is deformed by external force. At the same time, the well-filled beverage is conveyed by the bottle mouth, which can avoid the bottle body from being vibrated and the overflow of the squeezed material.

Full mouth filling. At present, there are two types of filling methods for hot filling machines commonly used in China. One is similar to the Italian TECH-ITAL company and PROCO MAC company. The liquid inlet channel and return channel of the filling valve are opened and closed step by step; One is the model similar to the Taiwan company. The liquid inlet channel and return channel of the filling valve are opened and closed synchronously. On the basis of fully digesting and absorbing foreign technologies, we have learned from others' strengths and developed and designed a unique filling valve for hot filling machines. The filling valve has two material filling ports, which are at the bottom of the valve core, so that the head of the valve core occupies little space at the bottle mouth. When filling, the filling valve is inserted into the bottle mouth. The inlet channel and the return channel of the valve are closed step by step and sequentially. The valve leaves the bottle mouth, and the volume occupied by it is supplemented by the beverage in the return channel, so as to ensure that the entire bottle is filled with the beverage, that is, full mouth filling. Pack. Likewise, our filling valve ports require less adjustment of the gasket to enable level filling.

Backflow control function. The material filling port of the hot filling machine designed and manufactured by Hefei Light Industry Machinery Factory is at the bottom of the valve core, and the exhaust channel is the return channel outside the valve core. The discharge of the inner air will not hinder the flow rate of the material, and avoid the uniformity of the filling of each valve due to the exhaust, which not only ensures that there is no material backflow during the filling process, but also easily controls the backflow of the material after the bottle is filled.

Automatic cycle function. According to the production process requirements of hot-filling beverages, when the temperature of the beverage in the material tank drops before and after the hot-filling machine is turned on, or when the temperature of the beverage in the material tank drops, it must be heated, and the beverage can be refilled when the set temperature is obtained. , After continuous production of tea beverages for more than a period of time, or when changing shifts, the filling material channel must be cyclically cleaned. Therefore, the hot filling machine should have a perfect automatic circulation system. The hot filling machine of Hefei Zhongchen Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has a perfect circulation system: the material passes through the filling cylinder---filling valve---container---return channel---return tank---lower cylinder ---Pump---Cooler---Balance tank for UHT.