Operating and Maintaining Automatic Packaging Machines

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Packaging machines play a crucial role in all types of industries due to their effectiveness in allowing a multitude of items to be packed, following the regulations in force in each sector. There are different types of packaging, but all end up having a great importance in the day to day of the companies.


What is a packaging machine?

As its name suggests, a bottling machine is a machine that concentrates its activity in packaging different things. Its operation is based on a production line in which packaging and products come into play. First the container is placed, then the product inside it and finally the packing machine ensures its corresponding closure.

The choice of a packer or another, depends on the needs of each business and the product in question to be packaged, since it can be from a solid to a gel or a liquid. There are also packaging machines that operate manually and others automatic, while these stand out in one way or another with several very identifiable features depending on the model. One of them is the level of security they provide, the hygiene that represents them or the space that the machine will occupy.


Types of packaging machines

Deepening the aspect of the different types of packaging, there are some that can be easily identified within the many possibilities available. This is the case of blister packaging machines, which act to pack all kinds of items found in stores, packers or those that deal with the placement of bottles and seamers. Other types are the following:

· Sterilization, cleaning and cooling machines

· Food packaging machines

· Liquid packers

· Machinery fillers and sealers

· Packaging machines with plastic film

· Shrink wrapping machines

· Labeling machines

· Palletizers and Depalletizers

However, the focus here would be on the Automatic beverage Packaging Machines. It is a machinery designed for introduction of the beverage products into containers. It is designed with a more automated level of operation. This means that the operator doesn’t have to do everything.

Operation and maintenance

Operators and maintenance staff must be adequately informed about the characteristics and performance of the Automatic beverage Packaging machine, as well as the facilities at their disposal (user and maintenance manual) for finding out everything they need to know about operating the machine and/or carrying out the repairs and maintenance that they are responsible for.

Maintenance activities must be carried out by specialized technicians who are trained in the specific disciplines, which for this machine are:

• Mechanical maintenance

• Electrical systems maintenance

It is the specific duty of the Safety Manager to ensure the professionalism and competence of abovementioned persons.

Before commencement of maintenance activities, the Safety Manager must:

- Arrange for the work area to be cleared of materials and extraneous personnel.

- Ensure that the tools required by the maintenance technician are close at hand and in good condition.

- Check that the lighting is adequate and, if necessary, provide 24 Volt mobile lamps.

- Ensure that the maintenance technician is equipped with the approved personal protective equipment required for the particular operation (gloves, safety glasses, shoes, etc.).

- Ensure that the maintenance technician has carefully read the instructions in this manual and knows the functioning of the machine well.

 Before commencement of maintenance activities, the Maintenance Technician must:

- Disconnect the electrical and pneumatic feeds from the machine, leaving it in a safe state.