The Importance of Water Filling Equipment

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Packaging machines play a crucial role in all types of industries due to their effectiveness in allowing a multitude of items to be packed, following the set regulations in each sector. There are different types of packaging, but all end up having great importance in the day to day of the companies.


What is a packaging machine?

As its name suggests, a bottling machine is a machine that concentrates its activity in packaging different things. Its operation is based on a production line in which packaging and products come into play. First, the container is placed, then the product inside it and finally the packing machine ensures its corresponding closure.

The choice of a packaging machine depends on the needs of each business and the product in question to be packaged since it can be from a solid to a gel or a liquid. There are also packaging machines that operate manually and others automatic, while these stand out in one way or another with several very identifiable features depending on the model. One of them is the level of security they provide, the hygiene that represents them or the space that the machine will occupy.

Deepening the aspect of the different types of packaging, there are some that can be easily identified within the many possibilities available. This is the case of blister packaging machines, which act to pack all kinds of items found in stores, or those that deal with the placement of bottles and seamers. Other types are the following:

· Sterilization, cleaning, and cooling machines

· Food packaging machines

· Liquid packers

· Machinery fillers and sealers

· Packaging machines with plastic film

· Shrink wrapping machines

· Labeling machines

Having discussed the various types of packaging machines that we have today and employ in various production processes, we will now focus our attention specifically on the water bottling machine. This water packaging equipment is used in the water production plants for the packaging of water into PET or glass bottles.

Water bottling is a complex process that requires very high standards to be properly and professionally done. When we talk about water bottling, many issues arise, such as hygiene, safety, and contamination: for the process to be carried out successfully, only the best machines available on the market should be used.

Cleaning: cleaning empty bottles is probably the most important step in bottling water. The reason is simple: proper cleaning is the only way to ensure the hygiene and safety of the water that is being bottled. It would be a serious mistake to sterilize the water before bottling and to contaminate it just in the final process of production. Therefore, choose only the best suppliers when it comes to cleaning machines: quality machines made only with the best materials, resistant to rust and corrosion and that can be sterilized whenever necessary.

Filling: filling bottles with water is undoubtedly the goal of any water bottling plant. This process is quite simple: the bottles are taken by the tweezers, while the nozzles located above them pour the water into them. If you decide to bottle the water only in glass, the better to concentrate on a machine specifically designed for glass bottles; On the other hand, this same suggestion is valid if it is only decanted by PET bottles. On the other hand, if you choose to produce both glass and PET bottles, you can rely on a machine that supports these two possibilities.