Seasonal maintenance of barreled water filling machines is essential

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With the arrival of the season change, various factors and problems will follow. In order to ensure the normal operation of the bottled water filling machine, maintenance work after the season change is essential. Let me talk about bottled water filling Machine seasonal maintenance work.

1. Check the oil level when the transmission parts are not rotating to avoid oil splashing and inaccurate oil level detection. 

2. Before the lubricating oil is discharged, the road roller should be started to warm the lubricating oil, so that the hot oil can flow out quickly, and the impurities and dirt in the box can be mixed with the oil and discharged more easily. 

3. Stop the engine when changing the oil of the road roller. When it is necessary to work under the car, the front and rear wheels must be blocked with stoppers. 

4. When checking the oil level and changing the oil, the roller should be placed horizontally. 

5. Before removing the oil plug from the bottled water filling machine, scrub the dirt on its outer surface and the surrounding surface. Before reinstalling the oil plug, it should be cleaned to avoid contamination of the lubricating oil. 

Regarding the seasonal maintenance of the bottled water filling machine , the above is described here, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.