The solution to the non-discharge of disposable bottled water equipment

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Disposable bottled water equipment generally adopts automatic filling methods, which can be used for the production and filling of different liquids. The work is completed on the all-in-one machine, which reduces the contact time of materials with the outside world and greatly improves work efficiency. There will be problems with non-permanent bottled water equipment, so how to solve it?

1. Check all sealing rings of the filling machine for damage. If damaged, replace with a new one. 

2. Adjust the speed, check whether the throttle speed meets the requirements, and adjust the throttle to make it reach the specified flow. 

3. In the three-way valve where the compression extension spring of the quick device has an up and down pull force, the elasticity of the adjustment extension spring is too large, and the one-way valve cannot be opened. 

4. Whether the spool of the filling nozzle is stuck or delayed. If there is a blockage, the spool should be installed. In order to delay the opening, the thin cylinder throttle valve needs to be adjusted. 

5. Check whether the speed of the filling machine is too fast, adjust the refueling speed of the accelerator and reduce the speed. 

6. Check whether there are foreign objects in the three-way valve. If it is, please clean and check whether there is air in the three-way valve and filler port. Air, if present, can be reduced or eliminated. 

7. Check and correct all clamps and hose seals.


The above is the solution to the non-discharge of disposable bottled water equipment, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.