Sterilization method of bottled water production line

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Now many people drink bottled water, and bottled water is produced by using bottled pure water production line equipment to remove impurities in raw water. With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to their health, and the safety of water quality has aroused people's concerns. Therefore, the sanitation and disinfection of bottled water production equipment is very important. The disinfection of barreled pure water production line equipment generally adopts ozone disinfection, membrane separation technology and activated carbon adsorption.


Ozone disinfection of barreled pure water production line equipment

The effect of ozone is to kill some bacteria. The bactericidal efficiency of ozone is greater than that of chlorine dioxide, chlorine and chloramine, and its stability is also very strong in oxidation. But it also has its limitations and high cost, so it is not suitable for large water plants.

Activated carbon adsorption for barreled pure water production line equipment

The overall technological process of pure water equipment is relatively rigorous, and the pre-treatment is very strict in order to protect the host from damage. One of the most important is the use of activated carbon filters, which can also be used in the disinfection of equipment. The use of activated carbon to degrade and adsorb is a process of concentrating dissolved impurities in water on the surface of carbon particles. Because of the huge surface area of activated carbon, it can show good adsorption performance. This is also a common disinfection method in pure water equipment.

Membrane separation technology for barreled pure water production line equipment

Membrane separation technology mainly includes reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microporous filtration, and the quality of effluent water is very safe. Among them, the reverse osmosis membrane technology is more sophisticated, which can filter out extremely small impurities and bacteria, and the purification rate of raw water can reach 99.7%.

Above three disinfection methods for barreled pure water production line equipment have their own advantages, among which activated carbon adsorption and membrane separation technology are the most commonly used, and they are also two methods with low cost and high efficiency. The safety of bottled water also provides a guarantee for our living health.