What are the main aspects of the working process of the barreled mineral water production line

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Working process of bottled mineral water production line:

The microcomputer washing and filling machine starts from bottle feeding---disinfectant solution flushing---pure water flushing--dropping bottle--push bottle stand to stand bottle--pure water filling--(capping) capping--glanding-- Finished water delivery, etc., the entire operation process is controlled by PLC, and the precise positioning is automatically completed, with less manpower and low labor intensity. The whole set of equipment adopts high-strength stainless steel materials, stainless steel plates, precision argon arc welding, small deformation, and beautiful weld lines; the transmission parts are made of stainless steel, which ensures the normal operation of the mechanism in various environments; non-metallic parts use PP plastics and other non-toxic high The wear-resistant materials are carefully processed; most of the transmission motors and booster pumps are made of domestic export-type stainless steel products, and the electrical components are made of imported series or domestic famous brand series, making the performance more stable and reliable.


The barreled mineral water production line can be divided into three steps of washing, filling and capping according to its function. The working process is as follows:

  1. Put the empty barrel rod into the barrel, and the moving chain moves to move the workstation. At this time, the empty barrel is turned upside down, and the barrel body is flushed.

  2. There are three processes in the flushing process: the first is clear water, the second is disinfection, and the third is sterile mineral water. After rinsing, there is 10S time for dripping water.

  3. The cleaned bucket rotates 45 degrees downward, the plastic bucket slides out by itself, and then the bucket turns up 45 degrees to the bucket hopper, so that the empty bucket is placed in the filling position for filling.

  4. The filling valve is pushed into the mouth of the barrel by the cylinder, and the automatic exhaust filling valve is opened to fill one by one. The filling time is set by PLC, and the filling time can be corrected according to the liquid level using the multi-function button on the panel. After filling to the liquid level, the excess water returns to the pure water tank through the automatic exhaust port to reduce the waste of pure water.

  5. After the filling is completed, the filling barrel is pushed to the capping station through the cylinder of the barrel, and the cap is pressed in the next step of filling, and the whole production process is completed.